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“Your relationship might only be a five, but breaking up might temporarily bring you down to a three.

It doesn’t matter that you’ll eventually be happier than you were in the relationship.

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He was kind, sweet, funny, a real charmer—essentially, everything that I could have wanted in a guy, right down to a pair of amazing cheekbones.

I had been planning our future together, both in my head and out in the open. I didn’t want to be in the relationship anymore, I thought. He was a jerk, he treated me badly, we broke up, I moved on, and that was that. But I knew that romantically, we couldn’t be together anymore.

We’re counseled to treat all people charitably and kindly, to forgive, and to love not only God and others but also ourselves.

The Lord has given us some important guidelines for relationships—and they apply to relationships, including dating.

A lot of people can’t pull the Band-Aid off and face that temporary decline.” In other words, we can be as terrible at delaying gratification when it comes to relationships as we are with anything else. “The biggest component of it is ‘I’m never going to find someone else,’” says Lombardo. It’s the ‘I’m going to die alone and my cats are going to eat me’ thinking.

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