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I found two wonderful prospective people, and made some friends. All information on this website remains the copyright of

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” Brazilian: Open toe slippers with some design Argentine: Closed toe American: Target brand flip flops Brazilian: Hair length depends on current life stage Argentine: Has either Argentine Girl Haircut #1 (long, with bangs) or Argentine Girl Haircut #2 (long, without bangs) American: Short because long hair was “boring” or “too much work” Brazilian: Makeout within 30 minutes Argentine: Makeout if you played the game right, if the moon is aligned with Jupiter, and if her friends and little cousins like you American: Makeout within 90 minutes Brazilian: Takes off your jeans and boxers Argentine: Takes off her big earrings American: Takes off her shoes Brazilian: She feels comfortable after sex Argentine: She feels like she just carried out an important life decision after sex American: She feels like a slut after sex Brazilian: Clingy Argentine: Distant American: Low self-esteem Brazilian: Gives you head Argentine: Does not give you head American: Gives you head if you imply / ask, but secretly hates it Brazilian: Anal region exploration strongly encouraged Argentine: Anal regions forbidden American: Depends on level of intoxication Brazilian: Has two or three caiprinha’s Argentine: Has only one drink, the free one that came with her cover charge American: Stops drinking when she can no longer feel her friends judging her Brazilian: Knows how to shake and jiggle her entire body Argentine: Knows how to dance to house music without showing any sexuality American: Knows how to rub her ass on a man’s erection Brazilian: Five second marathon eye contact Argentine: No eye contact American: Multiple one second eye contacts Brazilian: Treats you so well you wonder why she likes you that much Argentine: Treats you like you are that guy on the corner selling hot dogs American: Treats you like her favorite coworker Brazilian: Asks you if you are on Orkut Argentine: Asks you if you are on MSN chat American: Google’s you the second she finds out your last name.

In addition, these are the reasons why many people flock to Brazil in search for love and passion.

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Brazilian: Licks your face Argentine: Kisses like her parents are watching American: Sucks your neck Brazilian: “Dance With Me” by 112 Argentine: “Enjoy The Silence” by Depeche Mode American: “Back That Ass Up” by Juvenile Brazilian: Most extra fat winds up in ass Argentine: Borderline anorexic American: Rolls of meat around waist Brazilian: “I like you” Argentine: Pretends she doesn’t like you when she really does American: “You’re nice” Brazilian: Likes social drinking with friends Argentine: Likes people watching with friends American: Likes watching TV alone at home with tub of ice cream Brazilian: Ugly tattoos Argentine: Ugly piercings and ugly sunglasses American: Ugly sunglasses Brazilian: “I need to bang that.” Argentine: “Wow she is really pretty.” American: “She looks easy.” Brazilian: Always answers the phone Argentine: Always responds to text messages American: Would miss the call from the President of France if he happened to call Brazilian: If you like emotional girls who want to please you Argentine: If you like frigid girls who chain smoke and act stupid American: If you like frigid girls who act stupid It is possible that my experience with Brazilian girls have been extraordinary, but then I wouldn’t be the only one.

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