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Machismo is passed from generation to generation, making it difficult to stand up against chauvinistic behaviour at home and in public places.

A group of young men have gathered together to try to break the macho culture of violence and discrimination towards women through a workshop-based project supported by Plan and its partner.

Extremist organizations claiming links to al-Qaeda and the Islamic State have targeted members of the LGBT community along with religious minorities, foreigners and high-profile academics in a series of hacking deaths and assaults since 2015.

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Last year, Planned Parenthood launched a national service for online chat and text that has been answering questions just like these.

A few more interesting tidbits: Text PPINFO, orclick the Chat Now button on the Planned Parenthood website to be connected to someone who can answer your questions.

Gender equality can give young boys and men the chance to break their own gender norms and stereotypes – helping them build positive relationships, based on mutual trust, while embracing their own identities.

Here are 3 ways boys are campaigning for gender equality around the globe: “Macho culture is a huge problem in Guatemala,” says 20-year-old Marielos, a Plan youth leader. Machismo makes parents value their daughters less than their sons and it makes them not want to pay for girls’ education.” At the most extreme, girls face violence and exploitation just because they are girls.

Homosexual acts are illegal in Muslim-majority Bangladesh — as in more than 70 other countries in the world, including neighboring India.

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