Bios updating error code

by  |  31-Oct-2019 21:23

BIOS recovery BIOS Recovery can be used when other BIOS update methods have failed.

BIOS Recovery unprovisions Intel AMT and can reset BIOS and Intel ME values back to their default settings.

" And so I disabled the BIOS boot function and restarted the computer because I was too scared to try to update bios after this error, anyone has any idea what this means or what I can do to update the bios without getting this??

Putting this up there in case anyone else runs into this weird error.

So I was going to update my bios, I put the bios file in the FAT32 usb hardrive and went into the bios, I enabled BIOS boot function and clicked on "select one file to boot" when suddenly I got an error saying "The SETUP Data Map is different between system BIOS and boot BIOS.

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