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If Jews want to not only find inclusive and generally acceptable criteria for citizenship and membership in the Jewish state but also guarantee continuity within those parameters for generations to come, they need to build Jewish identity on positive values. debt consolidation ; debt consolidation bad credit debt consolidation debt consolidation loan credit card debt consolidation Thanks! Leonard Fein in his article "Smashing Idols and Other Prescriptions for Jewish Continuity" suggests a two pronged (maybe three approach) including tikkun olam and community building (and Jewish ed). free debt consolidation debt consolidation services debt consolidation company debt consolidation credit counseling debt consolidation solution Thanks!


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Not at the next Supreme Court hearing on non-Orthodox conversions, not at the next gathering of US Reform rabbis, but in 10, 20, 50 years, in Israel and elsewhere. christian dating dating personals senior dating gay dating dating web site Thanks!

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