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This sort of language carried into the show; in the two hours it was on Sunday night, words like “mysterious” and “suspicious” came up again and again.

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“From the makeup to the miniskirts, from the heels to the hair,” TLC declares at the beginning of each episode, “it’s the outrageous, it’s the unbelievable, it’s ‘My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding.’”What’s most outrageous, however, aren’t the celebrations on display: It’s the show’s voyeuristic, stereotypical, judgmental, and shallow depiction of one of the world’s most misunderstood and, at times, abused minorities.

“My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding” (a terrible, degrading title to begin with) claims to offer one-of-a-kind insight into a unique community, but it manages to achieve the opposite.

A documentary-style television show which is a spin-off from "My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding", its UK-based equivalent, it chronicles the celebrations of different traveler groups distributed throughout the Southern United States.

Despite having a wedding theme in the title, the show often includes sub-plots or main plots revolving around other celebrations - a birthday party, Halloween party, Thanksgiving family reunion, etc.

Dancers must impress the judges with their moves and rigorous ...

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