Bginfo not updating

by  |  23-Dec-2019 03:57

However, the program generates the background image only when the settings are applied after a reboot (or shutdown).

If the user fail to apply the settings each time he/she log in, bginfo will display the last known data, which will be inaccurate.

There are also many utilities in the toolkit used for displaying information, and we’re going to look at some of them.

The BGInfo utility displays information on the desktop, and it works in a server environment as well — in fact, that’s probably where it is the most useful, but it also works on anybody’s computer, so you can test things out on your local machine before running the configuration on the server.

Using BGInfo is very simple: open it and click the Apply button, and your desktop will have a ton of system information plastered all over it right away.

If you want that information to update regularly, we’ll need to add a shortcut to the startup folder, or create a scheduled task to do it.

I also apply it to my development machine to display useful info about my system.

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