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She was initially suspected by many of being the murderer after reports emerged that handwriting on the ransom note was similar to her own, but after she willingly provided a sample to police it was determined she did not write the note.The happy couple met two years ago at a mutual friend’s wedding in Denver, Colo. John Ramsey, 67, and Jan Rousseaux, 53, wed in front of 70 guests on July 21 at Castle Farms in Charlevoix, Mich., the same town his tragic 6-year-old beauty queen daughter Jon Benet Ramsey, who would have turned 21 on Aug.Bush's Siblings Discuss Their Brother's Presidential Bid • Republican National Convention: George W.

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These findings were based on the experts looking at the same reports that former Boulder District Attorney Mary Lacy cited back in July 2008 when she made the decision to officially exonerate the child beauty queen's parents John and Patsy and her brother Burke in her murder.

The findings of these forensic experts also presented another problem as they suggested that the unknown male killer who law enforcement officials have been searching for over the past decade does not exist.

6, won the Little Miss crown in 1994., “The weather was wonderful.” John confesses that there’s not “a day that goes by when I don’t think of Jon Benet” adding that his daughter, who was murdered on Christmas night 1996 in his Boulder, Colo. “The saddest part is that her future was lost,” John says.

“We believe she is in a better place, it is left to us to grieve for her.

Meanwhile, documents show that Lacy was informed that the DNA samples which had been recovered from the evidence in the case came from at least two people, but chose not to address or reveal this in her letter exonerating the Ramseys.'It's certainly possible that an intruder was responsible for the murder, but I don't think that the DNA evidence proves it,' said William C.

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