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Looking back: The lovely lady, (pictured with husband Ben) is mother to Ludo, six, and Iona, four, and told Lorraine Kelly she's grateful she got to hold her little boy, Willem and says she nearly died herself She said: 'I've made a memory box for him for the children, as they lost a brother.

You should talk about it and be honest about what happened.

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But we feel like we have been here before and here are the pitfalls they must avoid. Channel 4 has still got a big group, with 23 taking part. The producers felt that too many camera operators would undermine any sense of isolation.

Speaking exclusively to uk, the 42-year-old author revealed that he is "careful" with the risks he takes now and always consults his wife Marina, as well as their little ones Ludo and Iona, about upcoming projects.

Another added: 'To think they cost nothing, sad state of the society we are living in today.' Some of the followers offered explanations as to why common courtesy is fast becoming a thing of the past - pointing out that technology and a self-centred society are both to blame.

One wrote: 'Too many people looking down at their phones and not noticing their surroundings.'However some did point out that it is difficult to decide who should be offered a seat, saying some elderly passengers can feel offended by the gesture.

These included boozy parties and goods exchanges, with the outsiders.

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