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When banks open on Thursday, these jewellers will use the backdated bills to deposit the Rs500 and Rs1,000 notes collected from black money holders.

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The exceptional circumstances you provide need to be specific to you.

They need to show a significantly diminished ability to keep your long service record up to date due to extreme personal or family circumstances or trauma.

“There were reports of a flurry of purchases (jewellery and coins) after PM Modi announced the demonetisation late last evening, with premiums moving up from less than a percent to an average of 10%,” said Rajesh Khosla, MD, MMTC Pamp.

“Unverified reports suggest customers who missed out have paid Rs 500-1,000 n o t e s o n We d n e s d a y against back dated sales invo i c e s t o shady jewellers.” If gold were v a l u e d a t Rs 31,000 per 10 gm on Wednesday, customers with unaccounted cash were ready to pay above Rs 34,000, sources within the trade confirmed.

are generically referred to as "orders" in Manager.

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