Autocad sheet set not updating

by  |  07-Dec-2019 05:30

On the Sheet Views tab, views can be arranged into collections called categories.If you insert titleblock text for your drawings, you know that keeping that text updated and accurate can be a chore.

We are now going to go through each section and explain what these variables and buttons control.

Figure 2 shows the standard dialog box when selecting the Thumbnail Preview Settings.

When you begin a new job, you need to determine the appropriate sheet size, scale, and orientation of your drawings before you can do anything.

Then, you'll need to create the actual plans, create and insert title blocks for each, add viewports, general notes, bar scales, legends and a half dozen other items for each individual type of plan. Initial setup of a twenty drawing project can take a full day of your CAD staff's time.

These previews are displayed in the Sheet Set Manager.

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