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Atcheson began his service on the Court in September after closing his law office.Appointed at age 56, Atcheson was born and raised in the Central New York town of Cortland.

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Gordon Atcheson Judge of the Court of Appeals 2010 - Governor Mark Parkinson appointed G.

Gordon Atcheson to the Court of Appeals on July 14, 2010.

is proclaimed to be the most haunted town in Kansas, so much so that a haunted homes tour is available on the Atchison Trolley.

This old town once played host to over 1600 wagons per day as settlers made their way west enroute to the gold fields of California in the 1850s.

When it was still referred to as Ferry Street, a woman traveling down the road in a buggy lost control of her horses, became unhitched from the animals and plummeted down the street into the freezing river.

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