Arisaka type 99 dating

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This rifle, chambered for relatively mild 6.5x50SR ammunition, was manufactured in several versions, including long rifle and carbine variants.More than 3 millions of Type 38 rifles were manufactured by various Government arsenals.The type was intended to replace the turn-of-the-century Meiji 38th Year rifle but never materialized as an all-out replacement due to demand.

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Some 3.4 million of the weapon were produced and included both a carbine and a cavalry form.

The Type 38 went on to serve the Empire for thirty years as the army's rifle of choice.

It melded several European designs along with a few original Japanese features to produce a very modern rifle.

It was the first to chamber the 6.5x50mm smokeless cartridge and started what is considered the “Arisaka” series of rifles.

Japanese influence grew and the military spread throughout Asia.

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