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00 still seems like a lot for a production Aria guitar (esp. I have seen this before with hand built archtops too, but the Aria/D'Aquistos I played were heavy and dead, not a good combo. Stevepat on you tube has some good clips of his avant garde. Im not one for giving opinions of price but I know that you do not see to many of these around. I have played the Solos and the AG's and the Centuras just "sang" to me.No doubt there are good ones out there, so play before you buy, for sure. Both models I played were just tonally dead to my ears. Im not one for giving opinions of price but I know that you do not see to many of these around. I still have it and it will be the last one I sell. I don't think it would be a very good Gypsy Jazz guitar and it is not loud enough for chunking out loud back up chords for a band. But for acoustic chord melody it has great chord clarity and sweet tone all the way up the neck? I am thing about trying to get a Solomon oval hole arch top. I keep flats on one and roundwounds on the other since that's what Jimmy was going for, a true flattop/archtop hybrid kind of thing.In the earlier seasons, Aria may have already been in a romantic relationship with Ezra Fitz at the time, but that doesn't mean that there isn't chemistry between the two, especially from Jason's end.

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Since 2004, Parma has been paying homage to its adopted son with its annual Verdi festival ( 30 September-31 October).

The 1829 Teatro Regio opera house in Strada Garibaldi is the setting for the festival, its severe Neoclassical façade giving little clue to its dazzlingly ornate interior inspired by Milan’s La Scala.

Those same tailpieces are on the Peerless guitars and those are metal with wood tops.

With your tailpiece, isn't there a metal frame under it and the wood is just cosmetic?

You could easily argue that this elegant city in northern Italy has the country’s best ham, its best cheese and its best opera composer.

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