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VALENTE: Concrete slabs mark the places where houses, businesses, and the post office once stood, giving Mossville the air of a ghost town.The plant will be the largest of its kind in the world and operated by a South African conglomerate called Sasol.Actually, this reference comprises pretty much all of unicode, excluding the bulk of the cjk characters.

A recent op-ed at The National Interest (formerly the Nixon Center) “Why Israel Fears Containment of a Nuclear Iran,” written by two Israelis with government ties, illustrates to what extent spokesmen for Tel Aviv have access to the media across the political spectrum to make their points while contrary views rarely surface.

It would be difficult to imagine a similar piece appearing advancing Iranian views on Israel, for example, and one might well question whose “National Interest” is being promoted by providing a platform to current or former foreign government officials.

BENNETT: Once industry started coming in, people’s health started failing them.

People were afraid of the explosions they were having. VALENTE: Faced with the public’s health and safety concerns, Sasol responded by offering to pay Mossville’s few hundred remaining residents to move away.

VALENTE: Sasol has promised to hire 500 local residents at its plant.

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