Are spyro and cynder dating jazz com dating

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This is a list of characters from the Spyro the Dragon video game series.Spyro is a series of platform video games and action video games published by Activision.

Sparx was also a playable character enemies for a short while.

A cheetah who trains (and sometimes challenges) Spyro with various tasks.

Well, this is the story me and my partner have been working on for quite some times now. Might need a towel XD This has a little bit of humor, lots of passion and romance... In the silent streets of Warfang, Cynder was walking north, mumbling curses to herself as she walked up to the door of Spyro's home.

or major cases XD Also has a tiny bit of comfort in this too... Inside, Spyro was pacing about in his living room; it was his and Cynder's first date and he wanted everything to go right.

"How about in that clearing down there." Cynder said as she pointed to it.

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