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But what the Minitel lacked, crucially, was a feature so integral to today’s internet that sometimes we don’t even notice it. So not long after its release – a teenager who was never identified, as the story goes – hacked the Minitel and added a messaging feature. And since they liked it, usage of the Minitel increased. So France Telecom integrated chatrooms into the Minitel’s design.

Those chatrooms quickly became the single biggest reason people logged on.

AOL was advised repeatedly, and finally he was expelled from the room. Three users have been dubbed the “mean old ladies.” I don’t know if they’re ladies or old, but they’re certainly mean.

After one verbally attacks a chatter outside of the vitriolic trio, the other two come in for the kill.

My name is Gael Mc Carte, and I am an AOL political chat room junkie. Some of these computer-savvy users have multiple screen names, so they can park on more than one of the “chairs.”One particularly savvy visitor who claimed he once worked for AOL had as many as 21 aliases.

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