Amarok updating collection online dating profile jaques

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To be using kde4.7.4 I take it you are using Release47 repo?i don't care about my music collection, but i have a podcast archive that reaches some years back...- dynamic playlists - create playlists that automatically update.

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Use the default answer for the rest of the questions to properly secure your My SQL installation. Now that My SQL is running, we can setup the database for Amarok.

To access the My SQL command-line tool, type the following: Don't forget to include the ; at the end of each command, and be sure to replace passwordhere with your desired password for Amarok to access the database with. Open Amarok, then in the playlist window click Settings Configure Amarok.

- database importing - import collections from amarok 1.4 or itunes.

- scriptable services - integrate other web services into amarok. but not the ultimate audio player (in my opinion, i Tunes).

If your MP3 collection is 10gb or larger, you will probably benefit from using My SQL as opposed to SQLite for your collection's database.

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