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The actress, who has shared multiple breastfeeding photos online in support of this mothering act, Tweeted up a storm today in response to a negative experience she had at Heathrow Airport. There are only two ways it can turn out and there total opposites of one another.

You either turn into a washed-up tabloid trainwreck (See: Lindsay Lohan, any actor named Corey) or you blossom into an attractive, talented star who kicks ass well into adulthood (See: all the women in the list below).

So I go into the season saying we'll make the best of what we have.

This is our team and we'll be OK but always in the back of my mind is the thought that our pitching staff won't hold it together.

She was working on her new show, "Romantically Challenged," which premieres Monday night on ABC, and had to watch the game at home instead of at the ballpark. I've been doing it since the first year I got season tickets which was seven years ago.

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