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In 2011, Messenger 11 Beta began to archive past messages on an online server which is accessible through the client.

How often has a strange dream woken you abruptly in the night or influenced your mood and behaviour the following day?

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She wants you to think of her as unattainable (when in reality she's easier than Candy Land). Chat her up if you're so inclined, but don't count her in for beach volleyball—triangle tops don't offer much in the way of support.

Try hitting on her and there's a good chance she's going to shoot you down if for no other reason than to further inflate her own ego. I'm working on my tan." The woman who dons a string bikini is usually fun and stylish, takes great care of her body, and feels good about the way she looks.

'These thoughts can often influence our emotions and behaviour.

By recognising certain symbols in their dreams people can bring to the front of their minds hidden emotions and work through them to improve their conscious lives.

The Worcester (Mass.) police department recently unveiled a free police app to any resident of the city hoping to access police-related news, crime maps, social media alerts, a police scanner and the ability to submit an anonymous tip to the department.

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