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Shih proves to us that she can make a pop song without sacrificing the qualities that makes her stand out, and with lyrics like “betting on the best semesters you can buy, digging out of a debt, sequestered, unemployed” she offers a surprising amount of social commentary hidden in the song. “Oh Mama No” is a song that captures perfectly what makes Shih such a force to be reckoned with. The panic events are nearly all in the new gauntlet style, and it has the only gauntlet-style finale, in which you run across a bridge against a head-on cavalcade of infected.

ME: You said that with the last story, yet we got through the first draft and saw how wrong you were.

You don’t even have a clue where you’re going with this story.

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At launch, the first L4D had four campaigns that were more or less identical--they all played out the same way but they took place on different maps.

The openness of the sequel means that the special infected can't sneak up on you as easily and are easier to defend against.

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