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Children and diabetes Helps to provide programs for children with (type 1) diabetes.

These programs include multi-day live-in camps as well as day functions for children/teenagers up to 18 years of age.

He also enjoys watching sports such as hockey and soccer.

As for his favorite magazines, they are Maxim, DJ Times and Sports Illustrated. A single man at the moment, he claims to be a true romantic looking for the right girl.

Born on August 16, 1983 and raised in Staten Island, New York by his single mother, Alex Coladonato finally encountered his father while Alex was in high school.

However, Alex's father lost his life during the tragic event on 9/11 in the World Trade Center 2.

The next day, she goes to school and the boy is pulled out of class and told his mother has died. The two men butt heads as they try to determine if he's guilty or innocent.

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