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The 19m of Neolithic deposits are seminal for our understanding of key developments in Neolithic life from the domestication of cattle and the adoption of a settled way of living, to the invention of pottery and metallurgy, and the appearance of long-distance trade.

The long-lost ‘history’ of prehistoric Britain, including our island’s first wars, is being re-discovered - courtesy of innovations in computer programming as well as archaeology.

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Details of technical reports available for programmes of dendrochronology, luminescence dating, and amino-acid racemization funded under this scheme are also provided.

The datelist has been collated from information provided by the submitters of samples and the dating laboratories, in order to provide easy access to raw scientific and contextual data which may be used in further research.

You can contact our Science Advisors or contact our scientific dating experts for direct advice.

On 1 April 2015 the part of English Heritage represented on this website changed its name to Historic England.

The Scientific Dating Team oversee scientific dating as part of projects funded through the Heritage Protection Commissions Programme.

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