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This electronic access will allow adult patients, 18 years of age and older, the ability to review their medical history after their stay at either facility.Within 36 hours from discharge, patients new to the My Union Health Access portal, who provided an email address during their hospital stay, will receive an auto-generated email from Union Hospital’s patient portal.

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[Fox News, The Real Story, 3/26/15 via Media Matters] Fox Contributor Cal Thomas: Media Biased On Indiana Law That Merely Mirrors The Federal RFRA.

On the March 30 edition of Fox's Bias Bash, Fox contributor Cal Thomas claimed that the "big media don't mention" that Indiana's RFRA is "strikingly similar" to the federal RFRA.

In doing so, both must be guided legally and ethically to safeguard the privacy of individuals, so that no involvement with the news media or the hospital will cause unnecessary embarrassment, discomfort or exploitation to any person.

This guide outlines Union Hospital's and Union Hospital Clinton's official media policy for media representatives and hospital employees.

This document sets out certain standards and guidelines to be used to assure that 4-H is good for the youth of Clinton County.

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