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The Moscow street fight began when two men from the car in front confronted the occupants of the car behind, pulling them onto the street and leading into an all-out fist fight.

The shocking violence only ended when members of the public intervened.

There's a lot of hair-pulling incompetence, but there are also moments of genuine inspiration in which regular folks under pressure discover their inner Conan.

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But "The California Kid's" toughest battle came while vacationing in Bali back in 2006 when Faber literally had to fight for his life in a scene straight out of a Hollywood action movie.

I was on vacation in Indonesia, and my buddies had to leave early, so I ended up being by myself in this club.

One guy spoke a little bit of English and asked what was going on.

ATLANTIC CITY - A video that appears to show two teens brawling on an Atlantic City street corner before a bystander approaches to stop the fight has drawn millions of views since it was posted Monday.

The rom-com-stereotypical problems only began once it arrived.

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