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Phone Mommy Program: = One week with 7 phone calls for a 30 min max per call.

0 = One Month with 30 phone calls for a 30 min max per call.

Visit Mommy In Person: Notes: My name is Miss Chey, and I am a Mommy and a Babysitter.

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They are a visible and tactile symbol of your inability to stay clean and dry.

The day to day care of your diapers and diaper area, as well as the difficulty you will face in hiding them from other people, will constantly remind you that you do indeed have an infantile problem which needs prompt and constant attention.

Many of our incontinent clients have trouble admitting that they have difficulty with such a basic issue as keeping their pants dry or clean.

To help you face up to this very real problem, we force you to confront your incontinence continually via the wearing and usage of adult-sized baby diapers.

I think most of you who call me regularly already know that.

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