98 updating window

by  |  26-Oct-2019 04:39

98 updating window-20

Hoping to use it for stability purposes but it definitely seems to be running on thin ice.

Original intentions were to run FL Studio and Wordpad.

Specs: Pentium D Processor1x 512MB of RAM(took one out, also have 2x256 and 4x128)250 GB SATA HD(also have 350GB, 2x 20GB, and 2x 3GB)Hoping to use two HD's for storage.

Can anyone tell me if I can utilize the strength of the hardware, and simplicity of the OS? INI file is empty and on bootup it says VNETBIOS hardware is missing.

There are three ways you can get these Windows Updates – through the tool that is built into your operating system, from Microsoft's website and through Automatic Updates.

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