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Liz breaks it off with Floyd and returns to New York. It’s not as strong as a season finale should be, probably, but it’s still a good episode. “Subway Hero” (Episode 2.12) Alec Baldwin plays Richard Nixon.

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Jack convinces Liz to go on a date with his friend Thomas.

Since she hadn't had a date for a year, Liz gets quite nervous about the Blind Date.

30 Rock was a great show, a borderline live-action cartoon packed with jokes and ridiculous characters, and one worthy of a top 100 episode list even though it only aired 138 episodes in total.

Despite that fact, working this list down to 100 was tricky. “Jack the Writer” (Episode 1.04) This is only the fourth episode of 30 Rock, but it’s the first that really feels like the series that 30 Rock would become.

You'd be in your office late at night, and the new girl would come in with some flimsy excuse to be there. Donaghy, I forgot to give you the factory worker death rates.'' Then, she'd laugh at your lame joke. If you just give me a chance instead of ambushing me in front of the Congress and my own employees!

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