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Pb has been used during more than 4 decades, through dating of undisturbed sediment cores, to study ecosystem changes during the last 100 yr.

Since its inception, diverse dating models have been proposed, developed, used and validated in numerous environments, but their nomenclature and formulation is not homogenous.

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The first stage is deposition defined as temporary emplacement from and preservation on the seabed and pertains to this relatively short time of sediment formation.

Sediment accumulation is the stage pertaining to a decidedly longer period: it is the result of particle deposition and removal, leading to the preservation of the strata.

Nyerup's words illustrate poignantly the critical power and importance of dating; to order time.

Radiocarbon dating has been one of the most significant discoveries in 20th century science.

Renfrew (1973) called it 'the radiocarbon revolution' in describing its impact upon the human sciences.

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